What To Expect


For those WHO may be disinterested in church...
but not far from god.

Everything in life has a starting point.  Whether it is a hobby, a career, or a relationship, everything begins at some point in time.  At Centerpoint, we want to be your starting point for many things.  We want to be a part of new relationships, new friendships, new activities, and possibly new beliefs.  If you're asking the question, "What should I expect?" then the answer is to be met right where you're at.  There are no hoops to jump through and no rules to follow.  Wherever you are in life, we believe that is the perfect place to start your journey of faith.  Whether you grew up in church, or have never considered yourself "religious", authenticity and transparency is key to really learning and internalizing a very intimate thing like faith and a relationship with Jesus.  Come join us and develop meaningful relationships with people from all walks of life and simply start walking your journey.  You'll find people that are further along and farther behind.  People who have similar struggles and people who are very different.  That is what makes us Centerpoint- we want you to fall in love with Jesus and learn the amazing love that he has for you.  Every journey has a starting point, and we want to be a starting point for you!

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