The Story of Grace
Part 1: Creation

The Story of Grace
Part 2: The Fall

The Story of Grace
Part 3: The Light has Come

The Story of Grace
Part 4: The Life of Christ

The Story of Grace
Part 5: The Death of Christ

The Story of Grace
Part 6: The Resurrection

Let It Go and Look to God
Moving Past Lingering Guilt to Freedom

Our City

Breaking Bad
In God’s Hands Intended Evil Becomes Eventual Good

Portland… Will You Be Our Valentine?
The story of falling in love with our city.

Ministry in the Workplace
When a nurse lives out an even higher calling

Our Pastor

What Does a Movement of God Look Like?
It may just be within your reach!


The One You’ve Been Waiting For!
The Baptism and Testimony of Suzane Gonzalez

Focus My Eyes
Focus my eyes and fixing my heart

Seek The Lord
The Daily Battle

God Calls
God will provide for what he calls you to do.

Adventures in Interning
Hear from Elizabeth about her summer in Maine

The Lord Plans the Way
Life after College

Off the Wall Ministry
Using your talents for his glory.

Service with a Smile
A word from our Summer Interns